Best Stocks To Buy Now

1. Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: HLT) 2. Core Laboratories N.V. (NYSE:CLB) 3. Oceaneering International (NYSE:OII) 4. Skillz, Inc. (NYSE:SKLZ)


Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Inc. is responsible for the ownership, leasing, management, development, and franchising of hotels and resorts. The company’s two major segments are Ownership and Management.

In addition to hotel management, the company provides licenses for the use of its trademarks. This company’s worldwide presence includes a large number of Caribbean nations.


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Core Laboratories

Core Laboratories Nv offers reservoir description and production-enhancing services and products. It divides into two parts: Describe and Improve the Production of the Reservoir Increasing the production from the reservoirs of its customers is one of the main goals of this industry, which analyzes rock, fluid, and gas samples from petroleum reservoirs.

For example, when it comes to well completions, the company provides a comprehensive diagnostic service that may help increase the efficiency of enhanced oil recovery operations. In addition, sales reps, technical seminars, trade exhibitions, print advertising, and distributors all play a role in getting the word out about the company’s goods. It has a presence in over 50 nations. Amstelveen, the Netherlands, is where the firm was started in 1936.


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Oceaneering International

Offshore energy, military and aerospace, industrial, and entertainment sectors rely on Oceaneering International’s engineering services and robotic solutions. 

Marine energy, military, aerospace, industrial, and entertainment companies throughout the globe rely on Oceaneering International, Inc. In addition to subsea hardware installation, construction, pipeline inspection, survey and facility inspection, maintenance, and repair, the company’s Subsea Robotics section offers remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for drill support and vessel-based services.


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Competing in a fun, fair, and meaningful way is the goal of Skillz Inc.’s mobile gaming platform. An online-hosted technology platform developed by the firm allows independent game developers to hold tournaments and deliver competitive gaming activities for end-users from across the globe.

Tournaments for mobile gamers are also available at the venue. In addition, games may be downloaded directly from the company’s website and via third-party channels such as Apple’s App Store. As a California-based company, Skillz Inc. was created in 2012.


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