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Our mission

Best Stocks’ mission is to provide free, “no-distorted” financial information. We aim to help our readers to make information-based investments.


Best Stocks is a finance media that provides stock recommendations, news, and real-time stock prices. We empower readers with the necessary knowledge and resources to identify the best stocks on the market to make informed investment decisions.

At Best Stocks, we take the trust our readers place in us very seriously: we are aware that we are providing information that might affect their financial health. Thus, we believe financial information should be free and use a 100% “no-distort information” policy.
Consequently, we don’t offer paid subscription-based access. Also, we don’t use affiliate links (that would influence us to suggest products or services to you for us to earn commissions) nor sponsor stocks, products, or companies without following due process.

The Team

Vandita Jadeja – Editor

Vandita Jadeja’s work has been featured in Forbes Advisor, BusinessInsider, The Motley Fool, and InvestorPlace. She loves dogs, books, and mountains. Vandita is a chartered accountant and a personal finance expert.

Elaine Mendonca – Editor-in-chief

Elaine’s focus is on uncovering early-stage ideas with the potential to have a lasting impact. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in finance, an MBA, and two tests completed – the CFA and CMT. She uses fundamental analysis and value investing, emphasizing long-term time horizons.

Yasmim Mendonça – Editor

Yasmim has two years of experience in competitive and product analysis in Finance, dating back to 2020. Her academic credentials include earning a master’s degree in Economics and a doctorate in Finance.


Obumneme Oken – Writer

Obumneme Oken is a skilled content writer with a background in engineering who specializes in creating engaging and informative articles on finance-related topics. His proficiency in data analytics allows him to provide insightful and in-depth analysis.

Gabriel Bello Obando

Gabriel Bello Obando – Equity Analyst

Embracing the dawn of December 2022, Gabriel Bello Obando embarked on a transformative journey as an equity analyst at Best Stocks. Armed with an impressive background as a Bachelor in Business Administration, his acumen in financial analysis, investment management, and treasury has proven to be a potent force in driving the company’s prosperity to new heights. Through astute insights and unwavering dedication, Gabriel’s contributions have etched an indomitable mark, positioning Media Coverage as a prominent player within the market landscape.

Bojana Ristic – Writer

Bojana Ristic, a seasoned wordsmith and virtuoso in the realm of App Store Optimization (ASO). With over 5 years of invaluable experience under her belt, she has honed her craft to perfection. Bojana’s passion lies in crafting marketing content that not only captivates but also leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Her ability to devise powerful ASO strategies is nothing short of extraordinary, propelling apps to new heights of visibility and exponential growth in the vast digital landscape.

Emilija Nikolic – Editor

With her extensive editing experience, Emilija possesses an innate ability to craft compelling narratives that captivate audiences. She understands the power of words and knows how to use them strategically to resonate with readers and customers alike. As she transitions into Content Marketing, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge in delivering clear and concise messaging, ensuring that each piece she creates has a strong impact on the target audience.

Rogelio Marmol – Programmer

Rogelio joined the team with unwavering belief in the platform’s potential. His exceptional skills, dedication, and innovative mindset became driving forces behind the site’s remarkable growth and resounding success. As an indispensable member of the team, Rogelio’s contributions have left an indelible mark on the platform, cementing its position as a prominent player in the media landscape.

Natalia Vega – Fact Checker

Armed with expertise, Natalia dives deep into the world of finance to verify the numbers, scrutinize financial statements, and cross-reference data from multiple sources. Her rigorous fact-checking process leaves no stone unturned, confirming the authenticity of the information being reported. By meticulously investigating every aspect of a financial story, she ensures that misleading or incorrect data doesn’t slip through the cracks.

José Miguel Ramírez Guaigua – Video Editor

Equipped with a diverse background in film and media production, José Miguel’s artistic flair and technical expertise come together seamlessly to craft compelling visual narratives. Whether it’s breaking news, feature stories, or in-depth documentaries, he knows how to capture the essence of each piece and present it in a captivating and engaging manner.

María Grillet – Writer

Through her captivating and insightful writing, María has forged a strong connection with readers and investors alike. Her ability to simplify complex financial concepts and present them in an engaging manner has earned her a dedicated following. Whether it’s breaking down market trends, analyzing investment strategies, or offering practical tips, María’s articles provide invaluable guidance to those navigating the intricacies of finance.


  • Bob CiuraA maestro of financial journalism, Ciura's insights have graced platforms like Fox Business, CNN, Yahoo Finance, MSN, The Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, and Newsmax. Bob Ciura holds the title of Content Chief at Sure Dividend. Earning his MBA from the esteemed University of Notre Dame and a Finance BA from DePaul University, Robert contributes years of proficiency in financial analysis and stock valuation to the Best Stocks crew.
  • Gene IngerFor many in the world of financial television, Gene Inger stands out as a foundational figure. His professional pathway led him to prominent positions within a renowned Wall Street establishment, eventually finding a platform on KWHY-TV in Los Angeles. Beyond television, Inger delves deep into the intricacies of markets, economic trends, and geopolitical landscapes. He was part of the inaugural team at CNBC. Today, he continues to share his vast knowledge and predictions about the financial landscape, these insights are readily accessible through daily video content, disseminated via the internet and email, originating from his website, www.ingerletter.com.
  • Kelsey WilliamsKelsey Williams boasts over four decades of expertise in the financial realm, having dedicated fourteen of those years to comprehensive financial planning. He has penned two books: "INFLATION, WHAT IT IS, WHAT IT ISN'T, AND WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR IT" and "ALL HAIL THE FED!". Kelsey frequently delves into topics such as gold, inflation, interest rates, and the Federal Reserve in his writings. His platform, "Kelsey's Gold Facts," showcases his original articles, providing historical insights on gold.
  • Erik ConleyErik Conley, a former head of equity trading at Northern Trust in Chicago, served as a trader, analyst, and portfolio manager from 1975-2001. Now a private investor and educator, he boasts a 68.67% success rate across 81 stocks. Specializing in bear market forecasting, Erik writes for platforms like MSN, Seeking Alpha, and his own blog, Zen Investor. He's also known for his One-Minute Market Report.
  • Konstantin RabinKonstantin, the visionary behind Investfox, boasts a Bachelor's degree in International Business from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. With a career spanning over a decade, he has immersed himself in the dynamic world of retail FX since 2010. His expertise shines through from his previous roles where he helmed the marketing division of a prominent European brokerage and led operations at a financial data aggregation firm. In the realm of trading, Konstantin's passion lies in stocks. He keeps a watchful eye on market movements, with particular interest in tickers such as LVS, ZIM, and IBKR.
  • Nicholas DeMiceliNicholas DeMiceli is the brains behind www.earningsedge.ai/, blending AI and investment in cool new ways. By mixing behavioral insights with deep sentiment reads, he's taking a fresh look at how we see company finances. With a degree in Management Information Systems from FSU, Nicholas uses his AI smarts to cook up fresh and different ways of looking at investments. He's all in on pushing the envelope with AI in investing and is making waves in the fintech scene.

How do we make money?

When running a financial blog, there are mainly four ways to generate income, and it’s essential to make ethical decisions:

a) Sponsoring companies: This approach may seem tempting, but it goes against our core values. We refuse to favor any company or stock solely for financial gain. Maintaining the trust of our readers is our top priority, and we will never compromise on that.

b) Affiliate links: While some consider this method legitimate, we believe it shares similarities with sponsoring. We are cautious of using affiliate links because it can lead to biased recommendations. Some companies may aggressively push affiliate marketing; we don’t want to present them as the “best” options to our readers. On the other hand, worthy companies without affiliate programs might get overlooked.

c) Membership-based: While this approach can be lucrative, it contradicts our mission of providing free access to information for all investors. We aim to empower and educate as many people as possible, irrespective of their financial means.

Instead of pursuing short-term profits through these methods, we have chosen an alternative approach. Best Stocks has partnered with MediaVine, and we display minimal ads and banners on our site. This allows us to maintain our commitment to providing valuable, unbiased content while supporting the sustainability of our platform.