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Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
Phone: ​+1​​4158004138
Address: 3501 Jack Northrop Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250, USA

Our mission

Best Stocks’ mission is to provide free, “no-distorted” financial information. We aim to help our readers to make information-based investments.


Best Stocks is a finance media that provides stock recommendations, news, and real-time stock prices. We empower readers with the necessary knowledge and resources to identify the best stocks on the market to make informed investment decisions.

At Best Stocks, we take the trust our readers place in us very seriously: we are aware that we are providing information that might affect their financial health. Thus, we believe financial information should be free and use a 100% “no-distort information” policy.
Consequently, we don’t offer paid subscription-based access. Also, we don’t use affiliate links (that would influence us to suggest products or services to you for us to earn commissions) nor sponsor stocks, products, or companies without following due process.

The Team


Roberto Liccardo – CEO

Roberto holds a Master’s Degree in Communication and proudly wears his 15 years of direct and managerial experience in intensive Digital Marketing and Financial Analytics. He founded Good Noon, a Digital Marketing Agency awarded by Expertise among the top 10 best marketing agencies in San Francisco in 2020.

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Vandita Jadeja - Editor_Best Stocks

Vandita Jadeja – Editor

Vandita Jadeja’s work has been featured in Forbes Advisor, BusinessInsider, The Motley Fool, and InvestorPlace. She loves dogs, books, and mountains. Vandita is a chartered accountant and a personal finance expert.

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Elaine Mendonca – Editor

Elaine’s focus is on uncovering early-stage ideas with the potential to have a lasting impact. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in finance, an MBA, and two tests completed – the CFA and CMT. She uses fundamental analysis and value investing, emphasizing long-term time horizons.

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Yasmim Mendonça – Writer

Yasmim has two years of experience in competitive and product analysis in Finance, dating back to 2020. Her academic credentials include earning a master’s degree in Economics and a doctorate in Finance.

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Obumneme Oken – Writer

Obumneme Oken is a skilled content writer with a background in engineering who specializes in creating engaging and informative articles on finance-related topics. His proficiency in data analytics allows him to provide insightful and in-depth analysis.

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How do we make money?

When you run a financial blog as we do, there are mainly four ways to make money:

a) Sponsoring companies. It is probably the worst thing we could do to our readers. This means favoring this company or stock because we are paid rather than seeing an actual value. This is a big NO-NO for our site.

c) Affiliate links: Although this is a more legit way to monetize, this works similarly to sponsoring, in our opinion. Although affiliate links are a common way to profit from financial blogs, we don’t like using them. That is because bad companies that invest heavily in affiliate marketing, promising lucrative commission earnings, are presented as “best companies” to readers. On the other side, good companies with no affiliate program have low visibility and are only promoted if they run an affiliate program.

c) Membership-based: This monetization method involves having a site section open only for paid members. This is against our vision of providing free access to information for all investors.

Rather than profiting in the short term by applying one of these monetization methods, Best Stocks partners with MediaVine by placing just a few minimal ads and banners on the site.