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Fulgent Genetics ( FLGT) How did the company grow 124% in the fourth quarter of 2020?

Fulgent Genetics, Inc.(DRCR) develops a proprietary technology platform that integrates sophisticated data comparison and suppression algorithms, adaptive learning, bioinformatics and machine learning techniques to identify genetic variants that contribute to disease risk or response to therapy.
The Company's products include Fulgent's single-gene sequencing test for hereditary cancer syndromes; Fulgent's multi-gene sequencing tests for detecting the most common known mutations in genes associated with cancer risk; and Fulgent's pharmacogenetic test for predicting how certain drugs will affect an individual patient.
Fulgent(DRCR) has entered into various collaborations with pharmaceutical companies to develop new treatments for cancer patients who have mutations in certain genes.

Fulgent's patented gene-editing technology is based on the discovery of the CRISPR/Cas9 system. The CRISPR/Cas9 system is a bacterial immune defense mechanism that targets and cleaves specific DNA sequences in invading viruses. Fulgent Genetics, Inc.(DRCR) manufactures and sells reagents for use in molecular diagnostics. The Company conducts its business operations through two segments: the Diagnostic Reagent segment and the Molecular Diagnostic Tests segment.

Fulgent Genetics(DRCR) has been publicly traded on the NASDAQ Global Market since 2002 under the symbol FLGT. As of December 31st, 2017 the company had 476 full-time employees with a market cap at $1 billion.The company is headquartered in North America with subsidiary offices in Europe and Asia.
Fulgent (DRCR) currently offers products that are sold into the hospital market as well as to diagnostic laboratories. Fulgent's current areas of focus include developing DNA-based biomarkers for use in oncology diagnostics; developing laboratory assays to detect infectious disease pathogens; and developing molecular-based tests to detect genetic mutations linked to various types of cancer.

Fulgent(DRCR) sales in the last quarter increased to $126 million. With COVID 19, the company has seen a 124% increase in 2020, reaching a maximum of $359 million so far.Fulgent(DRCR) stock are selling at $88.32, with a 52-week range between $35.19 - 189.89.