Ameriprise Financial (AMP) Stock Forecast & Price Prediction

Estimation of the future price movement of Ameriprise Financial stock, based on various factors such as historical price trends, market trends, company performance, and economic conditions.

Price target

Current $353.11

Concensus $323.00

Low $220.00

Median $345.00

High $370.00

Based on analysts projections #AMP is expected to experience a price decline over the next year.

The current average AMP price target, as estimated by these analysts, is $323.00.

The predictions for the future AMP stock price range from a low of $220.00 to a high of $370.00, highlighting the variability of market expectations for AMP.

It is important to note that market fluctuations and unforeseen events can have an impact on these projections, so investors should always exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

AMP stock forecasts by analyst

Analyst / firm Date Rating Price target Price when posted
Morgan Stanley January 10, 2023 Sell 345.00 320.45
UBS January 9, 2023 Buy 370.00 324.71
Goldman Sachs November 23, 2022 Sell 330.00 332.97
Morgan Stanley November 17, 2022 Sell 340.00 316.95
Piper Sandler July 15, 2022 Sell 220.00 223.12
Piper Sandler July 8, 2022 Sell 231.00 238.27
John Barnidge
Piper Sandler
June 21, 2022 Sell 253.00 235.10
Piper Sandler May 27, 2022 Sell 275.00 274.33
UBS April 26, 2022 Sell 350.00 267.40
Morgan Stanley April 26, 2022 Sell 330.00 280.96
Suneet Kamath
April 9, 2022 Sell 350.00 293.04
John Barnidge
Piper Sandler
April 6, 2022 Sell 310.00 292.26

Ameriprise Financial (AMP) Fundamentals Checker

Financial metrics are used to evaluate financial stability which helps analysts determine if Ameriprise Financial is undervalued compared to its fair value. A company's financial health can strongly influence the stock forecast.

Strong Buy

Financial Scores

Updated on: 06/12/2023

Altman Z-Score: 0.6

Piotroski Score: 7.0

ESG Score

Updated on: 06/12/2023

Environmental: 57.4

Social: 58.0

Governance: 60.7

Financial Health

Updated on: 06/12/2023

DCF: Strong Buy

ROE: Buy

ROA: Neutral

Debt to equity ratio: Strong Buy

Price to earnings ratio: Strong Buy

Price to book ratio: Strong Buy

AMP Discounted Cash Flow

Updated on: 06/12/2023

Discounted Cash Flow Value

Current Price

AMP Revenues by Segment

Updated on: 06/12/2023

Distribution Service
Investment Advice

Revenue from Contract with Customer, Excluding Assessed Tax

AMP Revenues by Region

Updated on: 06/12/2023


AMP Notes Due

Updated on: 06/12/2023


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Ameriprise Financial (AMP) Social Sentiments

Monitoring bullish and bearish sentiments towards Ameriprise Financial on Twitter and Stocktwits could help to forecast an upward or downward trend in Ameriprise Financial stock price.

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Ameriprise Financial: Overview

Ameriprise Financial is a Minnesota-based financial services company that specializes in asset management and financial planning. n The company boasts more than 2 million clients worldwide and manages over $1 trillion worth of assets. n They offer a wide range of services such as investment banking, wealth management, insurance, retirement planning, and more.

Ameriprise Financial's Stock Prediction:

For any investor contemplating buying Ameriprise stock today, market prediction experts anticipate a bright future for the asset manager's shares. n In early March 2023 AMP stock has reached an all-time high at around $242 per share after surging almost 65% since last year's low point in March 2023. n Even though there was some correction at times along the way on its upward trajectory to peak heights, that shouldn't deter potential buyers from investing in its stocks now.

Analysts predict that AMP stock will continue to follow an upward trend due to several factors contributing positively to the growth prospects of this financial giant. First is Ameriprise's diversified portfolio mix of businesses including global asset management operations which generate attractive fees and provide ample recurring revenue streams over time.

Additionally, Ameriprise has also shown resilience during economic uncertainty and significant market volatility caused by various social and economic challenges globally over time further strengthening both its brand name along with solid fundamentals comprised of strong earnings growth and other key metrics critical to sustained success.

Final Thoughts

Overall shrewd investors who prioritize long-term value appreciate how proactive organizations like Amerprise focus not just on their current operations, but also continually explore and develop innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of their clients. For these reasons, stock prediction experts believe that Ameriprise stock spells out to be a highly promising investment option for interested buyers. n The Asset Management industry is expected to continue its growth trajectory exponentially in the years ahead, and companies such as Ameriprise Financial will likely benefit from it immensely.">Read more