Axcella Health (AXLA) Stock Forecast & Price Prediction

Estimation of the future price movement of Axcella Health stock, based on various factors such as historical price trends, market trends, company performance, and economic conditions.

Price target

Current $0.40

Concensus $6.00

Low $6.00

Median $6.00

High $6.00

Based on analysts projections #AXLA is expected to experience a positive growth trajectory over the next year.

The current average AXLA price target, as estimated by these analysts, is $6.00.

The predictions for the future AXLA stock price range from a low of $6.00 to a high of $6.00, highlighting the variability of market expectations for AXLA.

It is important to note that market fluctuations and unforeseen events can have an impact on these projections, so investors should always exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions.

AXLA stock forecasts by analyst

Analyst / firm Date Rating Price target Price when posted
Leerink Partners August 3, 2022 Buy 6.00 2.03

Axcella Health (AXLA) Fundamentals Checker

Financial metrics are used to evaluate financial stability which helps analysts determine if Axcella Health is undervalued compared to its fair value. A company's financial health can strongly influence the stock forecast.


Financial Scores

Updated on: 02/03/2024

Altman Z-Score: -80.7

Piotroski Score: 2.0

ESG Score

Updated on: 02/03/2024

Environmental: 42.6

Social: 72.1

Governance: 73.8

Financial Health

Updated on: 02/03/2024

DCF: Buy

ROE: Strong Buy

ROA: Strong Sell

Debt to equity ratio: Strong Sell

Price to earnings ratio: Strong Sell

Price to book ratio: Strong Sell

AXLA Discounted Cash Flow

Updated on: 02/03/2024

Discounted Cash Flow Value

Current Price

AXLA Revenues by Segment

Updated on: 02/03/2024

No available data

Revenue from Contract with Customer, Excluding Assessed Tax

AXLA Revenues by Region

Updated on: 02/03/2024

No available data

AXLA Notes Due

Updated on: 02/03/2024


There are no data to display

Axcella Health (AXLA) Social Sentiments

Monitoring bullish and bearish sentiments towards Axcella Health on Twitter and Stocktwits could help to forecast an upward or downward trend in Axcella Health stock price.

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AXLA's Promising Stock Forecast: Investing in Axcella Health's Innovative Biotech Approach

Axcella Health is a promising biotechnology company that is dedicated to revolutionizing the field of therapeutics through innovative and comprehensive approaches. With its stock ticker AXLA, the company has already established itself as a major player in the biotech sector. Its unique approach to drug development has attracted investors from all over the world. Founded in 2008, Axcella Health is... Read more

AXLA: A Promising Biotech Stock for Stock Predictions in the Innovative World of Endogenous Metabolic Modulators

The Biotechnology sector is one of the most innovative and groundbreaking areas in the stock market. With a focus on cutting-edge medical breakthroughs, this industry has been responsible for revolutionizing the way we treat diseases and improving global health. One biotech company that's been rapidly gaining traction in the stock market is Axcella Health, whose stock ticker is "AXLA." This...
Axcella Health's cutting-edge approach to drug discovery has allowed it to develop a robust pipeline of product candidates with promising potential across a range of different indications. Their lead candidate, AXA1125, is currently being evaluated in several clinical trials for treating liver diseases, such as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Early data from these studies looks extremely promising and has already garnered significant attention from analysts and investors alike.

With increasing enthusiasm surrounding the potential of Axcella Health's drugs, many experts have made favorable predictions about their future prospects. Several financial institutions have given AXLA positive stock predictions for the year ahead, anticipating encouraging clinical trial results will help drive steady gains over time.

Despite all this optimism, however, it's worth noting that investing in any single biotech company comes with inherent risks due to the high level of uncertainty involved in drug development. Nevertheless, for those who believe in Axeclla Health's vision and mission as well as their scientific capabilities - the consensus recommendation amongst experts is to consider adding AXLA to a Biotechnology focused investment portfolio.

Regardless of what happens next with Axcella Health and other stocks in the Biotechnology sector – one thing remains clear: Those who invest wisely by utilizing trusted sources and conducting proper fundamental analysis will always be best positioned to succeed regardless of short term circumstances or volatile markets.">Read more