Best Stocks To Buy Now

1. Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU) 2. Balchem Corporation (NASDAQ: BCPC) 3. Confluent Inc (NASDAQ: CFLT) 4. Becton Dickinson and Co(NYSE: BDX)


Few businesses are more consistent than Intuit if you’re looking for a steady investment. The company behind TurboTax holds the number one spot in tax software. Intuit’s financials have been stable for years, and the company is constantly expanding its offerings to stay ahead of the competition.

In addition to its core offerings, the company has focused on developing into the small business sector and health and human resources software. With the growing demand for all types of software, Intuit has plenty of room to expand and offers a safe investment.


15% User
13% Analyst Ratings
 9% Traffic Trend
0 Financial Issues

Balchem Corporation

Balchem is a specialty chemical company that supplies ingredients to various industries, including those that produce cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and industrial products. The company has become a steady and dependable player in the chemicals industry.

It has several long-term contracts with major suppliers and customers, including Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. In addition, Balchem has a diverse product line, which helps insulate the business from market shifts. The stock is also very affordable, trading at just 15 times forward earnings.


 17% User
14% Analyst Ratings
 11% Traffic Trend
0 Financial Issues

Confluent Inc.

While Confluent is a company many investors have yet to discover, it could be an excellent investment over the long term. This company provides the software behind data streaming and real-time data analytics. It’s a fast-growing segment in the tech sector, and Confluent is one of the leading players in this field.

The company has several high-profile customers, including Cisco, Microsoft, and Amazon. These are all large, long-term contracts that will help drive profits over the long term.


 15% User
 12% Analyst Ratings
9% Traffic Trend
1 Financial Issue

Becton Dickinson and Co.

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices are always worth keeping an eye on, as they are consistently some of the best stocks to invest in. Becton Dickinson is a leader in medical devices, supplying products for everything from testing blood to administering a drug on a large scale.

In addition, the company has several long-term contracts with top pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson, which helps drive repeat sales from existing customers. As a result, Becton Dickinson also looks like a bargain compared to other medical device stocks.


18% User
15% Analyst Ratings
8% Traffic Trend
2 Financial Issues



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