Best Stocks To Buy Now

1. Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) 2. Snowflake Inc (NYSE: SNOW) 3. Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) 4. Nike, Inc. (NYSE: NKE)


If you’re looking to purchase stock right now, Amazon is a great option. In the short time since it was founded, Amazon has transformed the way we purchase and is now a household brand. Nonetheless, its influence extends well beyond the realm of internet retail. Its portfolio includes cloud computing, grocery delivery, and even health care.

With sales increasing 28 percent year over year and earnings of $2.5 billion for the third quarter, it is also a corporation that continues to enjoy tremendous growth. Investing in Amazon is a terrific idea since it is one of the most prominent eCommerce firms. As a result of this, it has become one of the most well-known brands in the world, with millions of people using its platform daily. With the growth of cloud computing and the healthcare industry in the future, it has expanded its company to cover more than simply eCommerce.


28% User
25% Analyst Ratings
 21% Traffic Trend
1Financial Issues

Snowflake Inc

Snowflake is a big data company that helps other businesses better understand their data. It offers several products designed to help companies manage the entire data lifecycle of their operations in a scalable, cost-effective way. SnowSnowflake’s stock has been on a roller coaster, with its price declining from as high as $50 down to just $17 as investors started to worry about slowing growth.

Snowflake’s revenue grew by more than 50% compared to the same period the year before, and its profit more than doubled. So while Snowflake’s stock price has not yet fully recovered, it’s an exciting investment opportunity given its strong growth prospects.


 26% User
23% Analyst Ratings
 22% Traffic Trend
0 Financial Issues


For computer gaming and machine learning, Nvidia is a significant producer of graphics processing units (GPUs). Founded in 1993, the company designs GPUs for both consumer and professional markets.

Nvidia has a 4-star rating from S&P based on its strong financial position, growth, and profitability. The company has a market capitalization of $61.2 billion and a dividend yield of 2.5%.


 27% User
 24% Analyst Ratings
20% Traffic Trend
1 Financial Issue

Nike, Inc.

Nike designs, sources, and markets athletic apparel and footwear worldwide. Nike, Jordan, Hurley, and Converse are just a few of the sports brands owned by the firm. Nike, which was founded in 1972, is one of the world’s most known brands.

Because of the company’s outstanding financial situation, growth, and profitability, S&P has given it a 4-star rating. The company has a market capitalization of $93.6 billion and a dividend yield of 1.9%. Nike has raised its dividend for ten consecutive years, recently increasing the quarterly payout by 16%. The company has also repurchased more than $15 billion of its stock in the past year.


25% User
22% Analyst Ratings
21% Traffic Trend
2 Financial Issues