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1. Reunion Neuroscience Inc. (NASDAQ: REUN) 2. Inpixon (NASDAQ: INPX) 3. Esports Entertainment Group Inc. (NASDAQ: GMBL) 4. Novo Integrated Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: NVOS)

Reunion Neuroscience Inc.

Reunion Neuroscience Inc. (Reunion) is a commercial-stage medical device company focused on the commercialization of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) therapy for the treatment of essential tremor (ET). Essential tremor is a condition that causes involuntary, rhythmic movements in the limbs, especially the hands.

It is the most common movement disorder, affecting approximately three million people in the U.S. alone. ET typically begins in people over 40 and often progresses to a more severe state as the patient ages. Reunion’s DBS therapy for ET is CE Mark-cleared and commercially available in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Reunion has completed enrollment in a pivotal study of its DBS system in the U.S., and it anticipates a decision from the FDA in the first half of 2019.

Reunion’s DBS system is the first in a new “intrathecal” delivery system intended to help reduce the risk of infections associated with DBS. This system is designed to provide a more targeted delivery of neurostimulation therapy while eliminating the need for direct surgical implantation of the electrodes at the level of the spinal cord.



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0 Financial Issues


Inpixon (INPX) is a leading provider of smart parking solutions, providing software, hardware, and services for the $70 billion parking industry. INPX’s smart parking solutions are designed to optimize the parking experience for drivers, owners, and municipalities by increasing operational efficiency and revenue, reducing emissions, and minimizing traffic congestion and pollution.

INPX’s integrated SaaS (software as a service) platform enables property owners, parking operators, and city planners to manage all aspects of the parking experience, including demand forecasting, real-time operations, payment processing, and end-user services.

INPX is currently operating or contracted to operate smart parking systems in more than ten cities, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., as well as airports in New York City, Denver, and Houston.


Inpixon _INPX08/10

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Esports Entertainment Group Inc.

Esports Entertainment Group Inc. (GMBL) provides gaming, esports, and entertainment merchandise and services primarily in the Chinese and other Asian markets. The company operates in two segments: Online Gaming and eCommerce.

The company’s Online Gaming segment provides online game services, including live streaming and VOD services for game players, as well as the provision of game operation and management services for third-party game publishers.

Its eCommerce segment provides mobile and web-based social networking and communication platforms and e-commerce solutions for the sale of mobile communication, entertainment, and lifestyle products.


Esports Entertainment Group Inc_GMBL7/10

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1 Financial Issues

Novo Integrated Sciences Inc.

Novo Integrated Sciences Inc. (Novo) is a clinical-stage company focused on developing and commercializing therapies for patients with severe and rare genetic diseases. Novo’s lead product candidate, Firdapse (amifampridine), is a potassium channel activator being developed as a treatment for the rare and debilitating central nervous system disorder, pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE).

PXE is caused by a genetic mutation that disrupts the function of the vascular endothelium, leading to reduced blood flow, loss of vision, and a severe drop in quality of life.

Novo’s product candidates also include NVC-422 for treating Angelman syndrome and NVC-101 for treating hemophilia.


Novo Integrated Sciences Inc_NVOS9/10

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 8% Analyst Ratings
5% Traffic Trend
2 Financial Issue

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