Best Stocks To Buy Now

1. Norwegian Cruise Line (NYSE: NCLH) 2. Bally's Corp (NYSE: BALY) 3. Statoil (NYSE: EQNR) 4. EOG Resources Inc. (NYSE: EOG)

Norwegian Cruise Line

Investors have a lot of reasons to love cruise lines at the moment. The cruise industry has been on a tear in recent years. Cruise lines have also increased revenue by hiking ticket prices thanks to a tight supply of new ships. As a result, cruise stocks have been on a tear as well. Norwegian Cruise Line is up more than 80% over the last 12 months as its fortunes have improved.

Investors are excited about the company’s long-term prospects due to its plans to expand its fleet and destinations. NCLH recently acquired the Ocean Breeze, a ship Royal Caribbean operated as the Vision of the Seas. The addition of the smaller Ocean Breeze will allow Norwegian to add more Caribbean cruises from Miami.

Norwegian Cruise Line_NCLH10/10

15% User
11% Analyst Ratings
 9% Traffic Trend
0 Financial Issues

Bally's Corp

Bally’s is one of the world’s largest makers of gaming equipment. The company makes slot machines, table games, and other products used in casinos around the globe. Bally’s is also a significant player in esports, providing technology and equipment for professional video game tournaments worldwide. Bally’s has the potential to benefit from a growing esports market. The global esports industry generated $906 million in revenue in 2018 and is expected to grow to $1.96 billion by 2022, according to Newzoo.

Bally’s also makes money from its traditional casino business, with table games and slots bringing in most of its revenue. Bally’s is valued at just $10.70 per share, making it a cheap stock for investors to buy. Its low price also makes it a good choice for people who want to invest a small amount in many stores.

Bally's Corp_BALY08/10

 18% User
13% Analyst Ratings
 8% Traffic Trend
0 Financial Issues


Statoil is the largest operator in Norway’s offshore oil and gas sector. The company operates significant fields like Troll, one of the world’s largest hydrocarbon fields, and has made significant investments in renewable energy. Statoil also has a major presence in the U.S., one of the top five operators in the Gulf of Mexico. Statoil’s diverse portfolio has helped it weather harsh conditions in the past.

The company has survived recessions, political instability in the Middle East, and major hurricanes, most recently rebuilding its damaged Gulf of Mexico assets. Statoil is also a significant player in the renewable energy sector, making it a company worth adding to your portfolio in 2022.


 16% User
 12% Analyst Ratings
7% Traffic Trend
1 Financial Issue

EOG Resources Inc.

EOG Resources is one of the largest independent oil and gas producers in the U.S. The company has a diverse portfolio of assets, with operations in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and elsewhere. EOG Resources also has a healthy balance sheet, with $4.6 billion in cash on its books and only $1.6 billion in debt.

In addition, EOG Resources’ position in the Permian Basin makes it a good choice for investors looking for exposure to the ongoing U.S. oil boom. The Permian is one of the world’s most significant oil and gas plays, with estimated reserves of 48 billion barrels and substantial room to grow.

EOG Resources Inc_EOG7/10

17% User
15% Analyst Ratings
10% Traffic Trend
2 Financial Issues



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