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Since service initiation (Sept. 1st, 2021), we outperformed the Nasdaq by 3.27%.
UpStart, one of the 10 top picks we listed on Sept 1st, 2021 is now up to 31.7%.

Returns as of Oct 3rd, 2021.

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Best Stocks returns from September 1st, 2021 (service initiation) compared to the rest of the market starting on the same day.

Since service initiation (September 1st, 2021), we outperformed the Nasdaq by 3.27% and the S&P500 by 4.82%

Traffic data & users acquisition estimations

We calculate users acquisition for web-based companies by calculating the traffic on specific pages such as signup confirmation, payment confirmation, and access to pages available only to paying users from one side version of the cancellation pages.

For example, before the Q2 earning results we predicted a slowdown of Zoom’s growth since the unique visitors to Zoom’s website fell by 22%. On August 31st (the day after the earnings report), the company lost more than 16% compared to the previous day.

We also use traffic is as an indicator of which companies are recuperating from big sell-offs (such as Coronavirus or internal crisis) and which ones instead are still struggling in the recovery (example: traffic data on a platform like Airbnb, and traffic on booking purchases for airlines).

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Only the best stocks in the market

Our tool analyzes every month more than 3.000 stocks so that you don’t have to.

Based on this screening, we report the ten best stocks retrieved. Our platform has three sections “Top Picks,” “Best Stocks by traffic,” and “Best stocks by forecast.”

Every month we add a new stock to each section. Then, a few days before earning report, we notify our users if we expect significant losses or gains of the stock listed based on our forecasted users’ acquisition.


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