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Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) has enjoyed tremendous growth in the fiscal year 2020 and there is no question about the bright future of the Palo Alto, California-based electric car maker. Its shares price has skyrocketed more than 650 percent on a year-to-date basis, making it one of the top growth stocks of the year.

Moreover, the company is well set to capitalize on the rapidly growing electric vehicle (EV) market in the coming years. Some industry experts believe that robust demand for EVs around the world, particularly in China, would substantially help Tesla in driving its future revenue.

Tesla’s aggressive expansion strategy to establish itself as a leading player in the EV market will certainly benefit the company in the coming years. So, for those who want to be a part of its success, this may be the right time to invest in this high-value stock.


Nvidia Corp. (NASDAQ: NVDA) stock value has increased more than 125 percent so far this year, which has brought it under the limelight. If we look at the financial performance of the company, it easily surpassed analysts’ expectations in its previous quarterly report.

The Santa Clara, California-based company specializes in manufacturing graphics processing unit chips, which are used in artificial intelligence (AI) and the gaming industry, among others. Research firm IDC predicted that AI spending is expected to hit $110 billion by 2024. Moreover, the gaming industry is also booming at a rapid pace. Being the leading supplier of chips to the aforesaid industries, Nvidia is well poised to benefit from the boom.

Moreover, most analysts are bullish on Nvidia stock and have been recommending investors to buy the stock.


Fiverr International Ltd. (NYSE: FVRR) has become one of the leading digital sales platforms that link businesses with freelancers around the world. Freelancers or sellers use the platform to list their services in the form of gigs. Buyers can order the gigs of their choice to get their work done by choosing from more than 300 categories listed on the platform.

The company supports both buyers and sellers by acting as an intermediary to ensure both parties are satisfied. In return, it takes a flat fee of 20 percent from the seller on every order they receive. The model has greatly helped Fiverr to achieve new heights in terms of growth.

Fiverr stock value has soared more than 770 percent so far this year, making it a highly lucrative investment. The recent stock momentum indicates the company will likely continue to grow in the coming quarters.


Crowdstrike Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: CRWD) is a cloud-based cybersecurity firm that went public last year in June. Its share price has skyrocketed more than 260 percent so far in 2020. The company’s main cloud-based platform is called Falcon, which offers security, threat detection, and cyber protection services in the form of a complete suit.

It serves leading companies in the finance, healthcare, and energy sector. Crowdstrike offers its services through the cloud, instead of on-site deployment, making it easier for both the company and its customers to scale and update them.

Crowdstrike stock surge in recent months has also impressed industry experts. Most research firms have a “Buy” rating for the company, with a consensus price target of $185 per share for the stock. The positive ratings and price target makes it a lucrative investment option for investors.

Fulgent Genetics

Fulgent Genetics Inc. (NASDAQ: FLGT) has grown at an exceptional pace this year mainly due to the pandemic. Its Covid-19 tests are highly accurate and the robust demand for its diagnostic tests drove its growth in the current year.

The company delivered millions of coronavirus diagnostic tests, coronavirus antibodies tests, and seasonal flu tests during the third quarter. Fulgent’s revenue in Q3 climbed by nearly 10 folds versus the comparable period last year.

Analysts are also extremely bullish on the stock. The consensus price target estimate for the stock is $75 per share, suggesting a potential increase of more than 70 percent from its current trading price. Most analysts have been recommending investors to buy the stock.


Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) performed well this year despite a difficult operating environment due to the pandemic, as most of its theme parks stayed closed that significantly affected its revenue.

However, its recently rolled out Disney+ streaming platform has performed exceptionally well this year. Just one year after its launch, the video-on-demand streaming service has surpassed over 86 million subscribers, which is a record growth.

Disney plans to further capitalize on the growth by expanding the production of new content for the platform. Moreover, it is also increasing the subscription fee for U.S. customers from $1 to $8 per month.

The strong progress of its streaming service will significantly help the company in boosting its revenue. Moreover, it is all set to reopen its Disney theme parks once the pandemic ends. This will further help the company in terms of profit.


Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ: ZM) stock’s value has skyrocketed nearly 500 percent so far this year, as millions of people signed up for its online video-conferencing platform due to the pandemic. In its latest quarterly report, the company posted revenue of $663.5 million, translating to an exceptional surge of 355 percent on a year-over-year basis.

The company’s online-video platform has a simple and user-friendly interface, which is one of the key reasons behind its recent success. Some people think that its growth may slow down as the pandemic ends. But the fact is video meetings, virtual learning, and online interactions are not going to end anytime soon. Nevertheless, Zoom is expected to do well in the coming quarters considering the recent stock momentum and revenue growth.

Salesforce Inc. (NYSE: CRM)’s stock has performed well this year, as its share price surged about 40 percent on a year-to-date basis. The enterprise software maker also beat the consensus forecast in its last quarterly report published earlier this month.

The company reported adjusted earnings of $1.15 per share, easily surpassing the consensus forecast of 75 cents. Revenue of $5.42 billion for Q3 also came in above analysts’ average estimate of $5.25 billion. Moreover, analysts are also bullish on Salesforce, as majority of them are recommending investors to buy the stock. The average price target for the stock is $278.50 per share, translating to an increase of around 23 from the company’s current share price.


ServiceNow Inc. (NYSE: NOW) stock’s value rose about 96 percent on a year-to-date basis, as demand for its products and services remained elevated during the year. The software company also reported better-than-expected results in its latest quarterly report, besides lifting its outlook for the full year.

Its subscription billings for the third quarter came in at $1.08 billion, up 25 percent from the comparable period of 2019. Moreover, its big customers, with an annual contract value of more than $1 million, increased 25 percent to 1,012.

ServiceNow is confident that it will continue to perform well in 2021. Moreover, most analysts have a “Buy” rating for the stock with an average price target estimate of $ 575 per share, suggesting that the company’s share price will go up in the coming quarters.

Inmode Ltd

Inmode Ltd (NASDAQ: INMD) is famous for its proprietary handheld gadgets that are used by cosmetic surgery centers to perform a wide range of aesthetic procedures. Its devices are based on radio frequency (RF) technology and allow cosmetic surgeons to contour almost any part of the body without surgery.

The Israel-based company has been performing well after going public last year. Inmode stock value has surged more than 18 percent so far this year. In its latest quarterly report, the company posted record revenue of $59.7 million, up 49 percent on a year-over-year basis. Earnings in the third quarter jumped to $23.9 million, well above $16.2 million in the comparable period of 2019.

The recent financial performance of the company suggests robust demand for its products. Moreover, if we look at the recommendations, most analysts have a “Buy” rating for the stock, with a consensus price target of $51 per share.


Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA) was performing well this year until it experienced a couple of major setbacks. Its affiliate, Ant Group, was set to go public last month when Chinese regulators suspended its IPO. Moreover, Alibaba is facing increased scrutiny from the Chinese government over its monopolistic practices such as price discrimination and preferential treatment for online vendors on its platform.

However, the company’s growth rates still look strong. It is leading the Chinese e-commerce market with a controlling share of 56 percent. Its closest rival in China is, which holds nearly 17 percent share of the market.

Alibaba also beat analysts’ expectations in its latest quarterly report released last month. Its second-quarter revenue jumped 30 percent on a year-over-year basis, marking the strength of its business despite the Covid-19 pandemic. In short, Alibaba stock is expected to go up after addressing the challenges it is facing right now.