Fastest growing companies and emerging industries investors can’t miss

By Roberto Liccardo

This book presents stock tips and analysis that any investor can put immediately in place to maximize returns. The Fastest growing companies and emerging industries investors can’t miss analyzes the success of hundreds of fast-growing companies and markets, presenting you some of the best stock investments in the market right now. 

 – The companies that are achieving fast-growth and which are their competitive advantage;
 – The patterns underlining the success of some emerging markets;
 – The mistakes to avoid when investing. The book analyzes the stories of over one hundred successful investors that in the end have lost everything.

About the Author

Roberto wears 15 years of direct and managerial experience in Marketing and was chosen to work as a growth consultant for top companies such as Novartis, L’Oreal, GE, and many more.

He has been successfully trading since the age of 15. Through the business expertise gained, he was able to identify and invest in high-profitable companies and emerging markets. Currently, he is working as CEO for Media Coverage, a PR and marketing platform.

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